(From the 2015 South Carolina driver handbook)

Directions: To apply for a South Carolina permit, you need to be at least 15 years old. The state requires applicants pass a 30-question test. You will take the permit test at a local DMV office near you. You are required to answer 24 of the 30 questions correctly.

The practice tests here can prepare you for the actual permit test. Remember not to cram the night before your permit test and to get a good night’s rest.
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  1. What should you do if your car starts hydroplaning or skidding?

    Step firm on the brake

    Turn the wheel firm and sharp

    Try to gradually lower your speed

    Try to steer off or away from the road

  2. What is the definition of defensive driving?

    Keep your eyes moving to look for possible hazards.

    All of the above.

    Drive just below the speed limit in certain situations to improve your braking distance.

    Keep your foot over your brake pedal when needed to reduce your reaction times.

  3. What is the best answer if your car is equipped with a passenger side airbag?

    Small children should ride in the back seat.

    Use the rear-facing child restraint system in the front passenger seat.

    It is OK for small children to ride in the front passenger seat of your car.

  4. You can avoid dangerous last minute maneuvers by looking ________ ahead of your vehicle at all times.

    60 seconds

    10 to 15 seconds

    15 to 30 Seconds

    20 to 25 seconds

  5. Which of the following statements is true about blind spots.

    The proper use of all 3 mirrors will eliminate your blind spot.

    Tractor trailers and large vehicles have blind spots which are larger than most passenger vehicles.

    Blind spots? I'm invincible.

    You can eliminate your blind spots by using your 2 outside mirrors.

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